Tayka network of rustic hotels at the salt flat and colored lagoons circuit


13 May de 2019
Late Bolivia

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For sure you have heard that at the whole Uyuni Salt Flat & Colored Lagoons tour circuit there are not too many alternatives for accommodation, the are some basic shelters around the Salt Flat in San Juan, Puerto Chuvica, Aguaquiza and Coquesa and also others close to the Avaroa Reserve in Huayllajara and Quetena but if you require more comfortable accommodation the Tayka hotels are almost the only alternative.

It complies three eco lodges in the communities of Tahua (“Hotel de Sal”), San Pedro de Quemes (“Hotel de Piedra”), and Soniquera (“Hotel del Desierto”)in the Department of Potosí. Offering the vistor a comfort stay, they`re located in marvelous natural environs between Uyuni Salt flat and the Bolivia-Chile border strategically located to make a full circuit at the zone.

At the north part of the Uyuni Salt Flat in the hills of the Tunupa Volcano we can find the “Hotel de Sal”, a rustic hotel made of salt blocks.

At the south west of the Salt Falt the San Pedro de Quemes “Hotel de Piedra” is located, very close to the Burnt Village (Pueblo Quemado) with a lot of history with a war between Bolivia and Chile.

And at the border of the Eduardo Abaroa Fauna Reserve in the middle of the Siloli Desert it is located the top of the network, one of the most exotic hotels in Bolivia “Hotel del Desierto” (The Desert Hotel), in the “middle of nothing” with a magnificent landscape.

All of the hotels have private bathrooms, hot water, heating and a very good restaurant attended by the locals.



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