A propos de la Bolivie

Wonderful biodiversity and ancient cultures

Bolivia has been awarded as the best "Cultural Destination of South America" ​​and on 2018 it is nominated to be the best Cultural Destination from all over the world through the World Travel Awards.

Bolivia is also known as the "Tibet of the Andes" because of the altitude at which its populations are located, towna at the foot of the immense mountains which are a part of the Andes Mountain Range. In the highlands are most recognized attractions in Bolivia, including: Salar de Uyuni and Lake Titicaca. However, in its valleys and lowlands there is also an invaluable cultural and natural wealth, such as: Pantanal Boliviano, Amboró Park and the great cultural wealth that host the Jesuit Missions of the Chiquitanía and Samaipata.

Bolivia has developed local projects promoting the participation of indigenous communities in the implementation of tourism services, as occurs with Quechua and Tacanas communities that have shelters that provide comfort and great service within recognized national parks.

We invite you to experience our country, whose natural wealth we are proud of, but we assure you that where you will find the greatest wealth will be in its people.


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