Vulcão no Parque Sajama

Difficulty: medium

Duración: 15 hours

Highland expedition, wildlife observation

At 06:00 we will pick you up from your hotel and begin the tour crossing the “Bolivian High Plateau” to our destiny: the Sajama National Park, in the department of Oruro, the park is located at an altitude of more than 4200 masl and there we will have the unique delight to see the highest mountain of Bolivia: the Sajama Mountain, which´s summit reaches the 6542 meters.
On our way to the park we will visit to the Curahuara de Carangas Church, one of the oldest of the continent called “The Sistine Chapel of the Altiplano” for the beauty of its room´s paintings.

Finally we arrive to the Sajama National Park; first we visit the Huayna Kota Lagoon where we will have the chance to observe Andean flamingos before enjoying a bath at hot springs near the town of Sajama. In the afternoon walk through the queñua forest, a endemic sub specie of the region, which is the stem that grows at highest altitude in the world, and we will enjoy camelid wildlife observing (vicuñas, llamas, alpacas).

Return to La Paz.


Overnight at Tomarapi Ecolodge, one of the most successful community tourismo development proyects in Bolivia. The Ecolodge has private rooms, restaurant and local guides.

After breakfast we depart towards the town of Macaya 1.5 hours far from Sajama, there it is located the reception office of the "Río Lauca" tourist circuit where we will visit to the polychrome giant Chullpas (funerary toms) that belong to the Inca time. Finally we will visit the Sakewa Lagoon for sightings of flamingos. Return to Tambo Quemado to take the paved road back to La Paz.

  • 4x4 overland expedition to Coipasa and Uyuni Salt Flat, and the Lípez Highlands
  • Andinism at the Sajama volcano, 4 day program. Regular route southeast 6542m/21.500ft.
  • Extension towards Chile, Lauca National Park (Arica - Parinacota).

Access to attractions may be limited during the rainy season, so does the access roads to Tomarapi, Sajama and Macaya. The rainy season starts in December and ends in March.

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