Meet local communities

From 1 to 5 days

Local cultures and indigenous groups

The topography of Bolivia offers immense possibilities for carrying out tourism activities from the Cordillera de los Andes to the Amazonian region; it offers you the possibility of doing any type of tourism activity ranging from great adventures through the mountains to meeting local communities. This is the way to get to know Bolivia "from inside"; learning about the local life with the indigenous local communities. Experience tours within local museums and archaeological sites reveling ancient cultures surrounded by the most impressive national parks and natural reserves that house an enormous amount of biodiversity.



Ecologic lodges in Madidi National Park, in the middle of the Bolivian Amazon.

It complies four eco lodges in the communities of Tahua, San Pedro de Quemes, Soniquera and San Pablo de Lípez, in the Department of Potosí. Offering the vistor a high comfort stay, they`re located in a beautiful natural environs between Uyuni Salt Flat and the Bolivia-Chile border. Supernatural landscapes, colored lagoons,
geisers, thermal waters, and typical fauna
of the region constitute a unique tour.

Offers an eco-lodge in Sajama National Park

Red Apthapi has lodges at Isla del Sol and experiential tourism routes at Isla de la Luna and Copacabana. Surrounded by mystical Lake Titicaca

Pariti houses a museum with fine ceramic pieces from Tiwanaku culture. The most representative piece is called El Señor de los Patos (the Lord of the Ducks) which is known for its perfection and artistic quality compared with pieces of the Roman Empire or creations of Leonardo Da Vinci.

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